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May 20, 2022

Remote, Unattended & Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure includes a wide range of installations which are essential for a country or company to operate. The security of these systems, networks and assets is of prime importance because the effect of an intrusion or any other unusual event can have huge economic, security and social impact.

The iSentry platform offers a powerful range of capabilities for perimeter and wide area monitoring, delivering vastly superior detection rates and less false positives allowing a reduction in cameras and infrastructure.

Specific pain points

  • The larger the site, the longer it takes for security personnel to intervene
  • Adding extra security teams is expensive
  • Intrusion detection is difficult to implement
  • Separating true alerts from false positives caused by environmental noise with existing CCTV systems
  • Little or no lighting at night
  • Trespassing of objects
  • Health and safety of personnel and visitors

iSentry features

  • Motion analysis at short and long distance

  • Thermal camera object classification

  • Environmental noise elimination

  • Scene stability for PTZ cameras

  • Restricted area intrusion

  • Analysis of PTZ cameras

  • PPE detection