Vastly superior detection rates with less false positives using fewer cameras with reduced infrastructure.

IntelexVision's iSentry is designed to analyse thousands of CCTV cameras in real time and deliver information and actionable insights to controllers immediately in the form of video alerts through an intuitive and easy to use online operator interface. 

With iSentry you can quickly identify potential threats to security, operational challenges and opportunities, health and safety violations and regulatory compliance, many of which are not detected by the human eye.  These are also enriched through multiple data points to block out unwanted ‘noise’ of live video.

Our automating technology performs the constant monitoring that human operators simply cannot accomplish, empowering them to focus on what humans do best, using their intuition and experience in control room decision-making.

iSentry in Action


Video never needs to be watched


Reduction in false positives


Detection of new incidents


Average time of detection

Trusted. Globally.

iSentry is used by some of the world's premier institutions for a variety of actionable use cases delivering instant visual alerts to security operators in highly sophisticated and complex operating environments.

Get the most out of your CCTV camera network

iSentry deciphers both Unusual Behaviours and TREX (Threat Ranking and Extraction) from the huge amounts of footage generated by large-scale CCTV deployments. 

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning techniques, iSentry learns on any camera view what is normal and highlights the abnormal. This helps operators by providing quick notification so that operators can focus on the most important incidents.

Industries we operate in

We have successfully delivered projects in multiple industries across the world in any context where security is an issue and customers are seeking more effective real-time video surveillance while also reducing hardware investment and operational costs.

iSentry is our full spectrum AI analysis platform delivering effective real-time monitoring of video surveillance imagery in a wide range of complex, live video environments.

Our unsupervised, self-learning networks extract relevant data from imagery through behavioural anomaly detection (Unusual Behaviour) in fluid, busy dynamic environments such as airports, train stations, cities, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, universities etc or advanced motion analysis (TREX) in more static settings where intrusion detection is required such as mining, agriculture, energy and telecom infrastructure installations, industrial or manufacturing facilities etc.  

IntelexVision’s iSentry platform is available globally through a network of distributors, resellers and partners

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Latest news and insights

November 11, 2021

IntelexVision signs a Value Add Distribution agreement with ZMR for the distribution of its iSentry platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle-East region.

Within the context of its continuous strategic development, IntelexVision is proud to announce it has signed a Distributorship agreement with ZMR in Saudi Arabia. ZMR brings seasoned security surveillance industry experts offering intelligent solutions, having a vast knowledge of the industry and GCC market dynamics.
November 2, 2021

IntelexVision enters into a Value Add Distribution Agreement with Compass Distribution in Italy

IntelexVision is proud to announce that is has signed a sole distribution agreement in Italy with Compass Distribution, a value-added distributor of Networking, Security and Telecom solutions. COMPASS is now able to offer its Italian customers all the benefits that arise from working with IntelexVision and its iSentry Platform.
June 23, 2021

IntelexVision awarded Gold Technical Partner status by Milestone Systems.

Intelex Vision, a market-leading provider of advanced real-time unsupervised self-learning video analytics as well as advanced perimeter intrusion and area surveillance solutions, is very proud to have been awarded Gold Technical Partner status in EMEA by Milestone Systems.